Speaker coaching

Hone your skills, tame your nerves, & give polished, dynamic, TED-style presentations with speaker coaching from Stephanie Weaver.

Coaching is sold in one-hour increments @ $250/hour, with a reduced rate for TEDx speakers. Contact me for more details.

I offer a free 30-minute telephone, Skype, iChat, or Google chat to discuss your goals.

In-person (Southern California) or via Skype, iChat, or Google chat

  • Crafting a compelling story
  • Choosing powerful images
  • Utilizing tools like Keynote or Powerpoint to their fullest
  • Honing your stage presence
  • Using rehearsal to your fullest advantage
  • Developing your authentic “voice”

Why should you invest in coaching?

  • You’ve never given a keynote before
  • You’re nervous on-stage and think it would be best if you just READ your talk
  • You speak all the time and think you might be in a rut
  • You’ve only utilized PowerPoint slides to put bullets up on the screen
  • You’re giving a TEDx talk and see its potential for marketing yourself or your business
  • You’ve applied to speak at a TEDx event and been turned down.
  • You’d like to charge for speaking engagements and need to up your game

A few of my speakers: Richard Dreyfuss, Dr. J Nichols, Viet Nguyen, Jerry Kang